Bill and I worked for the same company and lost our jobs at the same time. He was ready to retire but I wasn’t and he is always willing to do whatever I want.

John Scott is a lifelong friend of ours and during the summer of 2009 he offered us this old country store building that was built in 1915. Bill thought that we would just use it for his woodworking and hobby shop, since it is right next to our house. Well ever time we had the door open someone would stop by just to see what was in the old store.

attachment-1We decided to open “The Old Store” where people could buy, sell, trade, or get a short term loan on just about anything and so it was on September 1, 2009 we opened the doors. Since that time we have continued to grow and change with the market and thanks to the MPA’s and Kevin Macdonald’s encouragement to come to the Continuing Education classes we believe we will continue to do so.

Almost daily one of our neighbors will tell us how much they appreciate us being here. We believe that is a pretty good testimonial that we are realizing our dream of being a help to the community and making a living too.

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